All in Changing Paths

Ep 18: For When You're Never The Same

This week we tackle one of life's biggest curveballs: Parenting. Even if you choose it, becoming a parent has more unknowns, rollercoasters and struggles than most self-inflicted experiences. And even if you don't have kids or want kids, your entire life can be turned upside down anytime. When you're in the thick of the terror and intensity, you NEED to know, "Am I going to make it through this?"

Ep 07: For When You Want To Quit Your Job (Part 1)

Dealing with the anxiety of wanting to quit my career for more than a year left me sure of one thing: The advice out there sucks. Too many people throw around the phrase "Quit your job and follow your passion." Great advice for some people, but not for everyone. So here's Part 1 of a series of interviews of just how different it can look, and to help you figure it out.