All in Feeling Stuck

Ep 22: For When You're Bad with Money (with Cait Flanders)

Do you worry about money 95% of the time? Samesies. However you think about money, that's not the way it has to stay. We can start telling a different story and change everything. Like, now. Because best-selling author and personal finance blogger, Cait Flanders, did. And luckily for us, she’s not keeping it a secret.

Ep 12: For When You Feel Overwhelmed (And Need A Beer)

Season 1 finale! My guest and new BFF and I drink a beer and LOL about having no control, getting overwhelmed and why complaining is necessary sometimes. She also shares about struggling with IVF, living with Multiple Sclerosis (and a good FYI about spinal taps) and why therapy is the shit.