For when you don't know what this is.

For When You listen

You know how being human is hard sometimes?


Often, we're our own worst enemies. We get in our heads and in our own ways. When life throws us a curveball, we can be extra judge-y and hard on ourselves. We get scared of all the unknown. We wonder if what we're going through is normal, and if we'll be okay. 

(Spoiler alert: Yes, you will be.)

For When You is for when you want to quit your job but are afraid to, or take a huge risk, or feel pressure to be in a certain stage and like you're falling behind, or when shit hits the fan, and more life-y things. Each episode, Jess (Your host. Meet her here.) interviews an everyday person who has been through hard things (some, like, super hard) and lived to tell the tale. So that you--our new bestie--leave feeling lighter and less alone in whatever you're dealing with. So you can see your own story in their stories.

So buckle up (especially if you're driving), subscribe and get ready to feel better.