Ep 00: For When You Don't Know What This Is

New pod, who dis?

You don't me, and I don't know you. But I'd like to change that. I'm Jess, the host of of For When You, a show to help you feel lighter and less alone when life gets all life-y on us.

The first episode of For When You comes out March 29. This is a little "WTF is this/WTF are you" episode containing sneak peeks of the interviews in Season 1 (which implies there will be a Season 2, which is exciting/scaring the shit out of me a little bit). 

Some topics you can expect to hear this season:

  • For when you want to start something but are scared shitless
  • For when you feel pressure to settle down
  • For when you want to change paths but don't know how
  • For when everything falls apart
  • For when shit hits the fan
  • For when you get trolled
  • For when you hate money
  • For when you are a giant mess (and really need a bath)
  • For when you're really, really hard on yourself

You get the idea. Each episode will be a place to turn to to feel inspired, to laugh, to lighten up and to keep going.

Enjoy this little teaser, and I'll see you for Episode 1 on March 29. 

Ep 01: For When You Want To Create Something

Ep 01: For When You Want To Create Something