Ep 03: For When You Need To Fight

Ep 03: For When You Need To Fight

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Two of my least favorite qualities about myself are:

  1. I feel entitled to most things, like the really good parking spot.
  2. I can play the victim card pretty well. When things don't go my way, I beat myself up, because that's easier than taking action and fighting for what I want.

Even seeing the word "fight," I tense up. Mostly because I feel like I'm fighting myself all the time. Beating myself up for all the ways I don't measure up. When I see words like "You get what you work for, not what you wish for," or "Don't let your past define your future," I'm like, That's great, Cheesy Instagram Quote. Look at you, with your multiple scripted fonts and probably an arrow icon with gold accents. Good job. I'll pass.

So yeah. I'd rather things be easy. If they're gonna be hard, let's make this quick, okay? I got a an hour of numbing out at 5:30. When things get hard, I usually get harder on myself for all my flaws instead of looking at them without all that judgment and being excited that I've uncovered what I need to work on, and get even better. 

My guest this week introduced me to that second kind of fighting, in a way I can get behind.

Chordale Booker came to me from my friend, Chris. "For When You Need To Fight," might be good title, he thought. He was right. He sent me this documentary, about a young kid who went from years of dealing drugs to a U.S. National Champion at boxing. At 18, Chordale was looking at a 13 year prison sentence for gun possession. For the last eight years, he'd been selling drugs. But a judge saw something in him, and gave him three years' probation instead. 

Now he's where he is--a professional fighter with six wins and three KO's--and the miracle of it isn't lost on him.

I wasn't sure how much I could relate to a professional boxer and a former drug dealer. But, Chordale showed me that not being sure what I wanted to do with my life is okay, that it's possible to handle anger, adversity and loss in another way, as well as see my flaws as fuel to become the best version of myself. And to think work even harder and think even bigger.

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Mentions & Links:

Chordale's Instagram (and, specifically, that tweet from Kevin Hart)

Chordale's Boxing Website

"The Boxer" Documentary by Craig Cutler - Stay tuned on when the full film will be available

Charles Conwell, the fighter who beat Chordale for a spot on the Olympic team

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