Ep 07: For When You Want To Quit Your Job (Part 1)

Ep 07: For When You Want To Quit Your Job (Part 1)

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About two-ish years ago, a big, scary, uncomfortable thought crept into my head and wouldn't go away, no matter how many bottles of wine I drank:

I want to quit my job.

I'd probably been having that feeling long before that, but instead I thought something was wrong with me and/or where I worked. So if I just changed companies or--for fun--changed myself, it would go away.

(It didn't).

The voice got so loud that I just needed to be rid of it, so I started asking anyone and everyone what I should do. Should I quit? Then what would I do for money? What about all the time I'd invested in it? Wasn't this what I'd wanted? This was a good job. I get to exercise and wear yoga pants all day. People quit to become yoga teachers, for fuck's sake. What kind if selfish asshole was I? What if I make a huge, irreversible mistake?

The barista would just stare back at me, blankly.

I wanted someone to give me the answer to this ever-growing problem. But, no matter how many opinions I got, I still didn't feel good about what to do.

And then it occurred to me: This wasn't supposed to be an easy decision. And no matter what I decided, I would get more info. 

After I quit for a freelance writing job that allowed me to start this whole podcast (yay!), I realized that I wished there were more helpful blogs and podcasts out there about quitting your job. Because the advice I saw? So not helpful. People throw around click-worthy lines like "Quit your job and follow your passion," or "Leap and the net will appear." 

Fuck. You.

Not everyone knows what they're passionate or what they want to do. Not everyone can just quit their jobs. And not everyone should. This looks different from person to person. So, for the rest of the season, I'm going to sprinkle in some examples of just how different it can look. So that if you're having these same thoughts, you can decide for yourself what's right, instead of feeling like an asshole either way.

First up, we talk to someone the complete opposite of me, the quit-and-follow-your-passion-type.

Exhibit A: Jay.

Show Mentions:

Here's a few of Jay's pictures, proving he made the right call. You can see more jaw-dropping photos on website and Instagram.

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