Ep 12: For When You Feel Overwhelmed (And Need A Beer)

Ep 12: For When You Feel Overwhelmed (And Need A Beer)

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  • For When Everything Feels Out of Control
  • For When You Need To Complain
  • For When You Can't Anymore
  • For When You Have M.S.
  • For When You Just Want To Have A Baby

I find myself feeling overwhelmed a lot.

It usually sounds like this: My Dad is sick again. Should I move back home? I want to quit my job. Rent is due. I made plans with three people on the same night and I have six projects due today and I haven't started plus there's no yoga class at the time I want it and ...

You get the idea.

A lot of that is self-inflicted, sure. When life feels like too much, I freak out. Well, actually, I beat myself up for having a hard time first, THEN I panic that I won't be able to handle whatever's coming next. To compensate for my lack of trust in myself to shoulder whatever happens, I try to fix it and/or figure it out. Basically, I try to control everything. I'll give you two guesses how that works out.

I know intellectually that overwhelm is normal and temporary. I also know that if I just fucking breathe, I would feel better. But in the moment? When it's loud and the fear is real? Good luck with that, Jess.

When my friend introduced me to this week's guest, she and I were originally going to talk about the Parents episode and her father's failing health, but THEN she told me about all the other crazy shit she has to deal with. Between that and her general coolness and outlook on everything, I decided she needed her own episode.

In the Season 1 finale, Liz and I cover a lot in the arena of overwhelm: what helps her (and what doesn't), plus why complaining is necessary sometimes (beer, too). But we also talk a lot about IVF, Multiple Sclerosis, friendships and being hard on ourselves. You should listen to the whole thing at least twice.

And then have a beer.

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That 30-30-30 practice Liz talks about? It's from this episode of The 5AM Miracle.

And we don't mention this directly, but Liz's tool to only do the "next right thing" reminds me of what my Mom says about it:




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