Ep 17: For When You Can't Fix Them

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Guys, it's our first listener-requested episode, which sort of means we've made it?

They asked:

How do you make peace with the fact that the only way to avoid the damage an addict does to the people around them is to stop being around them. How can you reconcile that it's not selfish to write someone off in order to preserve your sanity.

When I got this message, I jumped on it immediately. Because I have addicts in my life. And one thing I know for sure--this topic is complicated and often very misunderstood. Addicts can be seen as people who should be able to help themselves, and it also feels like we should be able to help them.

Unfortunately, it's not like that.

I knew just who I wanted to interview for this very hard and very important topic: You may remember her from our very first episode. In that conversation, she casually mentions both her parents have struggled with addiction--in very different ways--but we don't really dive too deep into it. 

Well in this episode, we do.

Chelsea talks about growing up with a Dad who was drunk or would disappear at a moment's notice.

How her fear and concern grew to anger.

How her anger grew into empathy.

And how she let them go--literally and figuratively--and for her sanity.

Also, she tells a great story about beating the shit out of a Tide bottle, which I'm 100% going to do.


This Is Us scene Chelsea describes as what need to come out of her (hence the Tide incident)

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