Ep 04: For When You Fall Apart

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Life falls apart for all of us one way or another, to varying degrees. We're going along, business as usual, and the rug gets pulled out from under us. Sometimes in small, everyday ways. Sometimes big, life-will-never-be-the-same ways. Like it did for my friend, Sarah. 

I taught at Sarah's studio in Charleston, S.C. for about four years. I'm not very special in that I--like the rest of her many, many friends--was very drawn to Sarah's spunk, humor and heart. Her hair is big and wild, like her spirit. And, infuriatingly, she's always wearing something fabulous. Bitch.

Sarah had always wanted a family. So, when she got pregnant for the first time, the whole yoga studio acted like they were having a baby, too. And then the worst happened.

That dark time seems like ages ago, but I'll never forget the way Sarah handled the unhandle-able. She gave herself permission to be exactly as she was, without worrying about what others thought of her. She let herself feel every ripple of grief and sorrow. In those months, she taught me was grace is. And I'm so excited for her to teach you.

In this episode, Sarah talks about unexpectedly losing her daughter, Grace, just three days after giving birth to her, having two more miscarriages--and her son, Waylon, in between--and being pregnant with twins. But beyond that, she shares how she healed her heart when her world came crashing down, and how we can all help ourselves and each other when life happens.

About 5 minutes in, Sarah talks about what happened with Grace.

At 10:00, how she chose to grieve (even though it doesn't sound like a choice at all).

At 17:00, why losing babies is such a taboo topic.

At 28:00, I tell her something I was too ashamed to tell her before.

At 35:00, what she hopes you know.

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