Ep 13: For When You Make A Mistake

Ep 13: For When You Make A Mistake

Have you ever made a mistake?


What am I saying? Of course you haven't.

The first episode of Season 2 is inspired by a real life one. By me. Because I’m an idiot.


Last year—at the encouragement of my boyfriend’s sister—I signed up for an all-women podcast conference in Los Angeles. I’d only been dabbling in podcasting, but buying my ticket gave me the push I needed to churn out 12 episodes before I got there. I bought my flight and put a veryyyy expensive hotel on my credit card. It was actually happening and I was so excited for August.

I got to my boutique hotel, put on a face mask (that's what you do in LA, no?) and went to sleep. I felt like a little kid the next morning and I tried on different outfits and proudly grabbed my full bag for a long day of speakers and networking and inspiration. I walked up to the venue, marched in proudly, and asked which way to the conference. I felt like I was in the right place, at the exact right time.

But turns out—not so much.

I was in the right place—but the conference? That wasn't until FUCKING OCTOBER.

I couldn't believe it. No way, I thought. I'm not capable of this big of a miss--am I?

Oh, I very much am. Upon realizing my mistake, I shame-walked back to my hotel—in half shock, half exhilaration—at what I’d done. I texted everyone I knew. I overdosed on coffee. I started sweating profusely. When it sunk in that I would be here for three days—NOT conferencing—I decided to turn it into an opportunity:

I’d interview complete strangers about what their biggest mistake is. 

(Spoiler alert: They all basically had the same one.)

Mistakes come in all shapes and sizes. Some we regret forever, some still make us cringe, some we repeat until we learn the lesson...

And some make for a pretty good story.

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