27: For When You Need to See Things Differently

27: For When You Need to See Things Differently

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Things happen to us all the time. Sometimes it’s traffic, sometimes it’s a passive aggressive message from a colleague at work, and sometimes—and I’m just spit-balling, here—it’s getting hit in the face with a golf ball and going permanently blind in your right eye.

My guest this week—Andrew Shipp, or Shipp because we’re bros now—happens to have some experience in that last one. And he was kind of enough to sit down with me at his work, Boosted Boards, in SF and let me ask a million questions about it.

I knew the episode would be about how we see things, in some way. (You know I love an allegory, guys!!!). But what I expected was a story about how this traumatic event negatively impacted him and it took a hero’s journey to get to an attitude of gratitude, and other clichés.

That’s not what happened.

Andrew pretty much accepted what happened to him, like, right when it happened. In fact, if anything, it made him more grateful, more positive, and more adventurous. Because he decided not to struggle, he didn’t experience a struggle.

Now, that’s not to say there wasn’t an adjustment to get used to, and some drops of self-pity. But, for the most part, Shipp decided not to tell himself that story. And because that story never got told over and over again, he never felt the impact of it on his life.

TL;DR: We tell ourselves stories all day long. And those stories impact us more than we know. Luckily, we always have the power to see things a little differently.

Bonus: There’s a lot of laughter and eye-related Dad jokes in here, for your listening pleasure.

I hope you like it.

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