Ep 24: For When You Want a Raise (with Kathlyn Hart)

Ep 24: For When You Want a Raise (with Kathlyn Hart)

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I’m all for #girlbosses and closing the wage gap and pretty much all people in general getting paid more to live the lives they want. Because life is short.

But I’d like to do it without having to have a really hard and awkward conversation, please and thanks.


When I sought out to record this episode, I didn’t really think it was for me. For the last 10 years, I’ve mostly been a freelancer, so a salary still feels foreign. But, um, spoiler alert: It’s 1,000% for me. Because my Worth and I have had a rough go of it. We didn’t always see eye-to-eye. So, asking for what I need/want—without coming across defensive or entitled, like I’m afraid I do—makes me feel like a fraud. This is for people who actually deserve it, my Low Self-Esteem says. They’re going to see right through you.

It doesn’t just show up when I’m raising my rates or asking for more money. It surfaces anytime I attempt to be an advocate for myself. Because I’m sorely out of practice. And my Worth hasn’t gotten much of a chance to speak. Her voice shakes, and she second-guesses herself. Well, this episode is how to speak, even when your voice shakes.

How to have difficult conversations.

How to trust yourself.

And—best of all—how to be your own biggest advocate, anywhere you go.

Kathlyn Hart is a seriously talented Salary Negotiation Coach, speaker, blogger and podcast host. She did not hold back with the practical tips and inspiration. Like, did you know you’re more likely to get a bump in your pay when you interview instead of waiting to ask for a raise when you’ve been there a while? Yeah, that hurt, cuzzzzzz I def didn’t do that.

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