Who the hell are you?

Oh, man. I'm still figuring that out. I guess I'm just a girl who's found the perfect outlet for herself (talking with people and creating) and thinks others would get something out of hearing others' stories. I'm also 500-HR E-RYT and write copy for money, if you want credentials. I can be really nice but also a sarcastic asshole. 

What is this?

It's a podcast for people to turn to when they feel stuck in life, so that they'll feel less alone in whatever they're struggling with. I'm also hoping it's my meal ticket to fame and fortune, but that first part is more important.

How do you choose your guests?

I'm most interested in talking to people who've seen some shit. Not famous people (mostly because I don't know any famous people), but the everyday, messy person. I'm lucky to be friends with a lot of those types of people. The ones who don't have their shit together, or felt pressures to be a certain way, or had their asses handed to them in ways only life can, and who lived to tell the tale. My wish is you'll feel less along in your struggle--however big or small it may be--by getting brought in on someone else's.


Where'd you get the idea for this?

In the middle of a huge, existential struggle, naturally. I felt a weighing (self-imposed) pressure to find my one "purpose," as social media was telling me to. I didn't think I wanted to teach yoga full time anymore, but I didn't want to lose the outlet where I felt like I was growing and also helping others through being real and telling stories. I noticed that I would look outside myself for answers a lot: I'd asked Google if I should quit my job, or cry to my barista that I hadn't found my purpose. While neither a search engine nor the nice man making my pour over had the answers, I realized that it wasn't actually the answer I was looking for, but I just wanted to know I would feel better eventually, that I wasn't alone, and that I'd be okay. I thought: Wouldn't it be cool if you could type "Should I quit my job?" and a podcast with someone who'd done it or was in the same shit as you came up? And then you could feel lighter about it--and therefore clearer--and could decide for yourself? That'd be cool, right? 

Regardless of whether it was cool or not, I did it anyway.


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