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Oh, hi. Didn't see you come in.

Do you like this picture of me? I actually do, and that's saying a lot, since I look like someone's dangling a pizza over my head...and that I usually hate 85% of pictures of me. It used to be 100%, so that's good I guess.

I'm Jess, the host of For When You. (Which is a weird thing to say because this podcast was just a little idea for a longgggg time. Until it wasn't.)

I grew up neeyah Boston, lived in Charleston for a hot four years (literally) and now I'm in San Francisco, giving all my money to my landlord. I've been teaching yoga for about nine years, in addition to freelance writing (editorial and copywriting, mostly). Through those two gigs, I learned that I a) love a good story and 2) love a good ol' bathroom-floor breakdown (or grocery-store-breakdown) ... and breakthrough.

We aren't so quick to share the breakdowns, though, are we? We tend to skip right to the breakthrough. But I'm more interested in the former: how we get in our own ways, or when life hands us a big, fat curvevall we didn't ask for.

So I wanted to create a place where we can hear more of those stories, and feel a "Oh, thank god"-ness after listening. Turns out, that place is a podcast. Who knew?! 

Anyway, I'm glad you're here. If you want to connect, email me. Or follow me on Instagram. But the bessssst thing you can do, honestly? Subscribe to the podcast, so that I can keep pouring my soul out for you.